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About EthiQal

Launched in November 2016, EthiQal is part of the Constantia Insurance Group which has been making insurance personal for over six decades. Constantia, is a trusted brand whose responsive teams provide innovative risk and insurance solutions in niche markets.

Our bespoke and comprehensive medical indemnity solution was specifically designed to provide a wide range of protection for you, your staff and practice from the risks of which you may not even be aware.

At EthiQal, we pride ourselves in having revolutionised professional medical indemnity cover. Not only are we the first insurer to provide a choice of both occurrence based and claims made cover, but our approach to providing medical indemnity cover has meant that we have been able to reduce the cost of standard cover.

As committed South Africans, we believe that the future of medical care in our country needs to be protected. This means looking after our doctors and facilitating local risk management solutions for the benefit of the healthcare system as a whole, never losing sight of the fact that in the end it is always about ensuring access to quality health care by patients.

Please contact us should you require advice or wish to discuss which coverage is most suitable to your needs.

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